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Company Description And Swot Analysis

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Running head: NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor 1 NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE INDUSTRY 2 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Company description Safe Drink Company is a non-alcoholic beverage firm which produces mineral water as a product to satisfy the customers’ demand as well as maintaining their wellbeing. From the name Safe Drink, the company aims at delivering quality, safe and purified mineral water, which is free from any biological, physical or environmental contamination. The company focuses on achieving the new market entry with consideration to both local and national business operations. The mineral water production undergoes different steps of purification, including physical filtration and reversed filtration method to ensure quality is achieved (Miglietta, Battisti, & Campanella, 2017). The company has partnered with different bottling firms to provide the best package for the product at the market platform. Furthermore, the Safe Drink organization ensures complete business certification to enable it to adhere to the water quality requirements for human consumption. And to meet competitive advantage from other firms like Coco-cola and Pepsis as well. Safe Drink Company mission Safe Drink Company mission regards the creation of valued mineral water which aims at making a difference towards the people’s health. The company also aims at involving its customers’ satisfaction through conside ...
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