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Law 421 Article Review




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Law 421 Article Review
Article Review
Article Review
In today’s business world, the use of technology has changed how
transactions take place between consumers and businesses. The
capability to do business on the Internet has opened the gates for
companies to grow at faster rates by making available to consumers,
products, and services on demand. Although the Internet has allowed
quick expansion too many business sectors, the growth of such
capabilities has also presented a different set of issues. Protecting
intellectual property for these types of business transactions has proven
to be more challenging than the startup of e-commerce trade.
Legislatures have begun to educate themselves with priority, on the
differences in commerce and e-commerce; but the effects from lack of
proper ethics and security has caused many lawmakers to scramble for
answers. The following article review will reveal what is becoming more
apparent as consumers persistently demand e-commerce products and
Video Streams into the Mainstream
The widespread adoption of streaming video on the Internet has become
the major frontier for online multimedia. Graphics, animation, and audio
technologies have proliferated on the Internet for years. Streaming video
—in which viewers can begin watching content almost as soon as it
starts downloading—is developed as a mainstream technology (Lawton,
2013). The portion of US companies using streaming media has
doubled, from nine to 17%, since last year. According to IEE Computer
Society, the factors that drove this trend was the increased adoption of
broadband services that speed Internet access for users and the content
providers simply able to speed the delivery process (pp. 12-17). The
main three players are Apple’s QuickTime 4, Microsoft’s Windows Media
7, and RealNetworks’ RealVideo 8.
Streaming video faces several key technical and business challenges.
The key technical issues include Internet congestion, interoperability,

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and compression. Internet congestion slows the service for those with
lower bandwidth connections. Interoperability becomes an issue
because streaming-video technology has no standardization to become
widespread for any user capability. Compression is an issue because
data-compression algorithms are critical to providing quality video at
lower transmission speeds (Lawton, 2013). The ramification from these
issues starts with intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security.
Content providers will raise issue about privacy and distribution as
stream-video company’s advance their technology and look to offer
faster and higher quality content. Windows Media is able to escape
issues with content providers because most Windows Media is
integrated with Windows-based technology. Windows Media also has
digital-rights management technology, which protects content providers’
intellectual property.
The ethical dilemma approaching starts with RealNetworks vulnerability
to Microsoft. Streaming video is RealNetworks main business and
because Microsoft can license QuickTime and Windows Media for free; if
RealNetworks supports the technology, this will encourage content
providers to develop more material for QuickTime and Windows Media
because the content could than also be shown on RealPlayer (Lawton,
2013). It is considered unethical because RealNetworks agreement with
content providers will become financially unmanageable. Design is a
possible intellectual property issue for the reason RealNetworks has
come up with the best compression system called two-pass encoding,
which analyzes an entire video before encoding it to determine how best
to compress the video on the second pass (Lawton, 2013). Windows is
catching up with this sort of technology as well.
Although common law protects intellectual property, e-business,
however, performs over the Internet, which computer networks and
signals control. The accountability for e-commerce is more difficult to
contend when dealing with proper advertising, fair pricing, and
capabilities because security becomes an issue as well. If users do
enough research, they can find other ways to download different content
from the Internet. The lack of security to cover those individuals who
streamline videos without the use of either provider is an issue. Windows
Media is part of the integrated Windows platform, which means it is less
complex for controlling security, and Windows will be able to integrate
RealNetworks’ technology and make it more attractive to users. The
more users can surpass certain security platforms and streamline videos

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for free; RealNetworks’ will endure most of the pinch. For this reason
intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security will continue to be an
issue in e-commerce.
Lawton, G. (2013, July). Video Streams into the Mainstream. Do E-
business patents help or hurt?, 33(7), 12-17.

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