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Stop and Frisk: Method of Search and Warrant




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New York’s Stop and Frisk: An Effective Method for Crime Search
September 11, 2001 event marked as the greatest history of all time. The so-called
Islamic revolutionist group, the al-Qaeda, usurped four airliners that attacked the United States
of America. The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City was hit by two planes,
the Pentagon outside Washington, in District of Columbia was swept by the third plane, and the
field in Pennsylvania was run through with the fourth plane. The so-called 9/11 event in the
world history created a challenging aftermath for the people around the globe. The worldwide
economic challenge began to spread like wildfire in which almost all rich nations experienced
the global recession. However, Thomas Burnett Jr., who was one of the passengers of the
California-bound plane, was able to utter his last message to his wife over the phone. Todd
Beamer, another passenger, made his final speech during the suicide attack that says “Are you
guys ready? Lets roll.” Then, Sandy Bradshaw, a flight attendant, was able to bid goodbye to his
her husband before the plane crashed in Pennsylvania ground. These personal, yet tragic
accounts seemed to be some movie dialogues created by the Twentieth Century Fox, Universal
Studios, Screen Gems, DreamWorks, and many others; however, these were not fiction. These
lines and the images designed to occur were real narratives of those who experienced this
American horror. This event shocked the whole world, and it made the Americans take extra
careful as the years went by. The American police authorities began to ensure some tactics to
prevent from any threats of terrorism. Though the Stop-and-Frisk method for crime search

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receives contradictions by the opponents, the method itself bounces back as an effective tactic to
create a peaceful and terror-free American society.
The use of stop-and-frisk method to stop, question, and frisk suspicious individuals or
criminals helps control certain crimes and prevents possible dangers. It bars these suspicious
criminals from acting out their crimes in the public. In the case of the September 11, 2001 event,
for example, the four planes to hit the twin towers and the other two that fell somewhere in
Washington, District of Columbia and in the field of Pennsylvania can be avoided especially
when the stop-and-frisk method exists during its time. The possibility of preventing criminals to
perform in the event of the crimes can be hampered from the right and certain actions. These
people regardless of colors, beliefs, and races are going to be stopped, questioned, and frisked if
they become suspicious to any local or even national threats (Bogomolny 548). As such, the
tactic of arresting these apprehensive individuals may deter possible harm to the people and may
diminish the crime rates when the police officers will continue to operate.
Also, the implementation of the stop-and-frisk method introduced by the former Mayor
Michael Bloomberg stops any individuals to create a destructive circumstance against humanity.
The tendency to build problems such as terrorism may be hampered at an early stage. If given the
accuracy of the implementation of the stop-and-frisk system, the country becomes peaceful and
stress-free country. When one can imagine the September 11 event, the possible ideas that other
people think are the ones that emphasize the creation of tactics and methods to heighten the
security measures of members of the police officers. In fact, thousands of lives in the country
disappear in the 9/11 bombing, leaving these families being buried deep into the personal torture.
In fact, if this search method for criminals shall continue to be administered without any
questions, the American people may attain a peaceful and safe travel in life.

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In the rigorous study, the integration of the stop-and-frisk method serves as a tool to
achieve a peaceful and terror-free community. It ensures the safety and security of the citizens
from the greatest destructions such as bombing and genocide that create tremors in the American
soil. The destruction of wealthy America during the silent morning of September 11, 2001 shakes
the world in fears, and this scenario gives the American people such warning that it may happen
again. One thing important in this event is that America falls from its throne of economic power
and political leadership and that it most likely occurs in the other small and underdeveloped
nations. The need to continue the method of searching suspicious criminals provides
opportunities for the people to live a happy and peaceful life. In fact, the people can benefit from
the kind of society where security measures are strictly imposed. Several people may lose plenty
of reasons to feel fear from terror because the police officers can guarantee one hundred percent
effective measures for protecting and providing intensive security. Hence, the stop-and-frisk
tactics shall be heightened from its implementations.
Throughout the implementation of stop-and-frisk tactical approach, several opinions
about the method spread like wildfire in courts. The opponents of the stop-and-frisk method such
as Judge Shira Scheindlin and Mayor Bill de Blasio deny the significance of the method. For
Judge Scheindlin, she pointed that the method is unconstitutional. For Mayor de Blasio, he
argued that the method was broken and misused” and that the technique of searching and
frisking those suspicious criminals violated human rights (Smith, n. page). On the one hand, the
police officers and other authorities shall look into the details regarding the system of securing
unnecessary and illegal positions of firearms. The manner of stopping, questioning, and frisking
shall be monitored and observed in order not to violate any freedom and rights for the people. It
is because the method itself does not demand force and violence but because it only promotes

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