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Exploring the Elements of Fiction




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Exploring the Works of Fiction
Initial Thoughts
All pieces of literary arts dare expose human sentiments. I believe that these thoughts can
be emotions of fear, anger, happiness, or disappointment and that they become evocative to
communicate a message to reveal the records of thoughts and other historical ideas. Four of these
likeable pieces of information, which give me the sense of humanity as a woman, are The Yellow
Wallpaper, The Lottery, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, and Do Not Go Gentle into
That Good Night. Though these works of fiction differ in some contexts and in frame of meaning
and purpose, they offer some intelligent discussions for literary reflections.
The Yellow Wallpaper
In The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, I believe that she only attempts to
enlighten her readers about some ideas of cruelty, inequality, and freedom. She even utilizes her
unsound personality so witty and clever to inflate her boundary of thinking. As she encloses herself
in a mental predicament, she wants to distinguish her intentions to dispute over her readers how
women suffer injustice and inequality over the course of the19
century. I also believe that Gilman
became more cunning than expected when she drew one peculiar performance to disclose a parallel
characterization of insanity and sanity to characterize her purpose. Whatever Gilman tries to bring
the topic for intelligent discussions, she personally comments on this patriarchal sphere of
humanity through the yellow wallpaper. Whatever meaning Gilman attempts to present, she boldly
dares provide for auxiliary analysis.
Though Gilman is prejudiced in her narrative, she clearly launches how women can elevate
their rights in the society. By doing so, I believe that she integrates these various symbols of social
deprivation like the color yellow, the yellow wallpaper, and the window. She divulges her first
symbol the yellow color to signify women’s limitation and failing purpose in the society. She then
combines the yellow wallpaper to visualize the main character and her reflection. When Gilman

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sees her captive self from her health and mental condition, she learns that she already meets herself
in an unexpected and distorted reality. This piece of writing encourages me to be as bold as Gilman.
Her presentation of social injustice definitely calls for attention, and her object of persuasion using
mental incapability and house imprisonment initiates gender revolution. In other words, Gilman is
brave enough to reveal her motives to reshape her society through writing, for she finds courage
during the 19
century. If Gilman and the rest of the women writers did not exist during their time, I
can never find this peace in life and this sense of independence. I may not feel justice amidst the
aggressive patriarchal society and I may not acquire the freedom all women deserve. As such, I
think Gilman just comes in time when women need her most.
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been
In this story, I also learn that dreaming to be someone else can be destructive. Slowly, I meet
the main character named Connie who is beautiful at 15. As Connie always hears her mother and
her mother’s sister praise her sister named June, she finds herself jealous. In this story, it only
shows that comparing and contrasting is not good to deploy comments on other people. However, it
is not also good to be wild and to disobey the parents’ advice because it may ruin one’s life. Even if
Connie faces the terrible danger in her dream, in the real sense of the world, any other young lady
like Connie may face this danger from Arnold or from any person as consequence of her actions.
The Lottery
I agree that education is expensive. This is the reason learners dedicate their time to study.
Educators and parents provide the best education for their children, and they select the best schools
for their children. For them, they value education as life itself.
I believe that parents want to send their children to school that proposes superior
education. However, some parents can only afford to enroll their children to low performing
schools. With this, students can never attend the advanced and top performing schools because
these parents are financially unable to support their children. Just like The Lottery, Madeleine

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Sackler exposes the importance of education and the struggle of the parents to wait for the fortune
to acquire good education for children.
As such, I believe that education may succeed if the good public school system will be
improved and if the outstanding performance of the productive teachers will be taken into
consideration. As such, The Lottery suggests that education in vital to life.
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
Another piece of literature I considered important is Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle into
That Good Night. Thomas tries to converse through this poem that aging is an ordinary pattern of
human nature and the readers must not feel hopelessness. When tells “Do not go gentle into that
good night, I believe that Thomas acknowledges the dual nature of humanity the life and death
and the obligation and entertainment. I consider this poem a help for people may find troubles in
their lives when it comes to decision making. Sometimes in life, people need to undertake these
entertainments represented by good night. And yet, when these people forget about his human
nature of old age, they may be angry at time when they will learn that there time is about to expire.
The line, which states “rage, rage against the dying of the light,creates an image of disappointment
and forces these people to shift their path to goodness. The poem amidst its literal structure offers
more than meaning and idea because it deals life itself. Through Thomas’s poem, I personally
understand how important life is. For me, Thomas is a living witness of significance. Whether a
person lives in an old age, he encourages elderly people to live their enthusiastically (Gardner et al.,
14). Indeed, as I read the lines, I learn to be optimistic about life that Do Not Go Gentle into That
Good Night offers me an intelligent understanding that the old people still have the good reasons to
live even at “that good night.
Final Thoughts
For me, a good piece of literature is the one that reflects humanity and its emotional side of
human experiences. With this, I consider The Yellow Wallpaper, The Lottery, Where Are You

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