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Moral Values And Politics

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Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Politics and Moral Ethics Every community is guided by a given set of rules and principles referred to as moral values. Sometimes moral values have been defined as being able to choose between right and wrong. Cultural practices of any given society will be the ones to determine the moral values to be observed, and this can be depended on some factors like politics and religion. Religion will only be said to be of great importance to any given society if moral values are observed. However, political upheavals in the world have been on the rise since many politicians have not been able to observe moral values. Democracy has been one system of government that has failed in many parts of the world because all the institutions established lack a structure that is based on moral values. Summary of the Articles Covenants in business corporations have been happening more in the modern world under the guidance of ethical values. When carrying out business corporations, covenants the involved parties will observe contractual obligations under the influence of moral values and ethics (Herman 202). Moral values will only be effective in communities with a common belief. Moral values have been used in business corporation agreements to make sure the article requirements are followed to the letter. One of the best things about moral values is that they might not be written down, but everyone is consciously aware of the consequences that one may face on ...
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