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Sun Coast Remediation

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Sun Coast Remediation By Ariel Ramona Acosta Columbia Southern University Agenda  Executive Summary  Literature Review  Introduction  Research Objectives  Particulate matter (PM)   Safety Training Effectiveness Research Methodology, Design, and Methods  Sound-Level Exposure  Data Collection Methods  New Employee training  Data Analysis  Lead Exposure  Data Analysis  Return on investment  Findings  Statement of the problem  Recommendations Introduction ❖ The study is based on the Sun Coast Remediation. Senior leadership team identified different areas of concern for the staff members. ❖ The research objectives for the study are: ✓ Determine relationship between Particulate Matter (PM) size and employee health ✓ Determine if training has been successful in reducing time lost hours ✓ Determine decibels (dB) levels of different work environments for proper hearing protection ✓ Determine if revised training plan is more effective ✓ Determine if current lead levels change in blood post exposure ✓ Determine if return of investment (ROI) for services is same for each line Literature Review ➢ Economic growth: Industrialization and urbanization have been linked to increased cases of health hazards for the human population. Economic activities lead to production of VOCs ➢ Safety training: helps in reducing of employee accidents ➢ Exposure to Lead: There is ...
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