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Essay Paper On Paper Tigers By Redfold James

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Social Science
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1 Running head: TRAUMA INFORMED PRACTICE Tigers Movie – Trauma Informed Practice Name Institution Tigers Movie – Trauma Informed Practice 2 TRAUMA INFORMED PRACTICE Childhood experience determines the perception of life in adulthood as well as the kind of living. Children who are treated well in their childhood in most cases have no adverse issues of their childhood experience. They tend to be focused and positive about life, which is translated in their school lives. In most cases, they are calm and peaceful in school that promotes their relationships with both teachers and students. However, children who experience adverse childhood in most cases develop neurological effects of stress and self-defiance. Harassment in childhood leads to a troubled social relationship in school and the community. Undesirable behaviors in schools in most cases are as a result of an unpleasant experience in childhood. Most students with adverse childhood experience are violent in schools, which is initiated by the adverse experience. Tiger movie is a perfect example of the effect of adverse childhood experience. In the film, the students of Lincoln alternative high school have proved to possess unwanted behaviors in school, which is as a result of adverse childhood experience (Redford, 2016). The students are too violent within themselves and to teachers that have made the school be termed as a home for bad students. Adverse childhood experience should be handled with kindness rather ...
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