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Running Head: ADMISSION ESSAY 1 Admission essay Student Name: Professor Name: Course Name &Number: University: Paper Due Date: ADMISSION ESSAY 2 Introduction My area of interest is Doctor of Nursing Practice. The DNP program equips nurses with critical skills, knowledge, and attributes imperative for essential practice with patients across multiple settings. The curriculum constitutes of content that enables nurses to carry out advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities, employ urbane decision-making technology and informatics, and incorporate in-depth knowledge of psychosocial, behavioral, biophysical, and clinical sciences (Cronenwett et al., 2011). Hence, this area interests me as the placement and portfolio offers mastery and evidence of proficiency accomplishment. After pursuing my career in this profession, the clinical problem that I plan to focus on is Depression screening and management in acute rehabilitation settings. Having worked with spinal cord rehab patients in the past, depression is one of the problems I found to be affecting most patients in acute rehabilitation settings more so those with spinal cord injury. Existing research also indicates cases of depression are rampant after acute spinal code injury (Fann ett al., 2013). Depression is a prominent problem among older adults with 20 to 30% prevalence in acute rehabilitation and hospital settings. While there is much awareness about depression in modern society, somatised depression and masked d ...
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