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RESEARCH INNOVATIONS ENERGY AND MASS TRANSPORT RESEARCH INNOVATIONS AND APPLICATIONS IN ENERGY AND MASS TRANSPORT Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date 1 RESEARCH INNOVATIONS ENERGY AND MASS TRANSPORT 2 Heat transfer enhancement in Microchannel heat sink The use of electronic devices hits new highs with every dawn with almost every activity on our planet incorporating electronic technology to not only improve output efficiency but also reduce operating costs. Due to their high speed of operation, electronic devices result in a tremendous increase in power density which causes huge amounts of heat (Wang, Qian and Ding 2019). While the previous version of technologies like Microchannel heat sinks (MCHS) has been efficient there is a need to improve their operation to meet the high cooling demand of extremely fast electronic devices. In light of this, Microchannel heat sinks have attractive features like the lightweight, compactness and high heat transfer area to volume ratio whereby it employs water-cooling technology where a heat flux as high as 790w/cm2 can be removed (Wang et al. 2019). While the MCHS uses multiple cooling channels to ensure electronic devices to achieve high thermal performances scholars have proposed improvements in its techniques including an increase in the surface area coupled up with thermal layer boundary layer redeveloping. Since silicon MCHS consist of ten parallel triangular microchannels, cooling performan ...
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