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SYLLABUS Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0580 For examination in June and November 2015 This syllabus is approved for use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a Cambridge International Level 1/Level 2 Certificate (QN: 500/5655/4). Cambridge Secondary 2 Syllabus changes for 2015 Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (with coursework) (0581) has been withdrawn. The Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus has been updated and restructured. The Core curriculum (C) and the Extended curriculum (E) are presented on facing pages and additional notes and examples have been added where appropriate. Teachers are strongly advised to read the whole of the ‘syllabus content’ section before planning their teaching programmes. Deleted content (2014 references) Shear (H) and stretch (S) transformations of the plane (37, Supplement) Clarification of existing content (2015 references) Find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) and Highest Common Factor (HCF) of two numbers (C1.1); of two or more numbers (E1.1) The meaning and rules of indices (C1.7 and C2.4, E1.7 and E2.4) The nth term of linear sequences, simple quadratic and cubic sequences (C2.7 and E2.7); exponential sequences and simple combinations of these (E2.7) Calculate lengths of similar figures (C3.4 and E3.4) Positive and fractional scale factors for enlargements (C7.2 and E7.2); negative scale factors (E7.2) Convert recurring decimals to fractions (E1.5) New content (2015 references) Knowledge of compound interest formula (E1.16) ...
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