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Dual Use Items




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Running head: Regulation and Compliance, Dual Use Items
Regulation and Compliance, Dual Use Items
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Regulation and Compliance: Dual Use Items 2
Summary: Dual Use Export
The purpose of this assessment is to understand the exporting requirements for
organization utilizing foreign markets for conduction business ventures. Dual use items is any
item that would have multiple uses in which exporting such items would threaten national
security, like a cell phone that makes calls, yet, functionally capable of becoming a triggering
device. is a federally funded governmental agency tasked with providing exporting
information which includes a wide range of compliance and regulatory provisions. Regardless of
the “Dual-Use” item in question, all exporting of product must be facilitated by licensing
compliance, Federal agencies regulatory compliance, as well as best practices that include lawful
enactments. All exporting organization must fully comply with US regulations when conducting
and delivering products and/or services oversees (Export, 2014).
Exporting Requirements: Dual Use Items
Dual use items have been consider as items that will increase national security if exported
and/or imported from and too the United States. Perhaps the most highly scrutinized item if that
of human related services. For obvious reasons, humans have a dual function in which good and
evil can be replicated, and, if unregulated and undocumented organizations export human
services, an increase the national security as well as jeopardizing international relations will be
the inevitable result. Additionally, the technological scope of exporting technologies such as
software and/or hardware has been listing within the BIS as duel use items (BIS, 2014). In
addition to the five product groups and 9 controls list, category 5 telecommunications
encompasses technology. In addition to basic licensing requirements, dual use item licensing
must also supplement current business certifications in exporting such highly detrimental
products, including service provided by humans.

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Regulation and Compliance: Dual Use Items 3
Best Practices
Organization can better protect their exporting functions by implementing known
exporting compliances. For example, as a best practice method, lawful compliances must be
implemented within the business plans with respect to exporting goods, services, and product.
Thus, regulatory compliance can be effectively incorporated by adhering to the United States
BIS EMCP and EAR in addition to laws such as foreign trade regulation, foreign Standards and
Certification Information, and of course, US compliance with business occupational licensing
(Export, 2014). Lastly, depending on the product in question, different agency participation will
be needed, thus, all organization importing and/or exporting must provide their organization with
additional protection by conducting exporting compliance research.
Exportation Agent
According to the BIS “agents have compliance responsibilities under the Export
Administration Regulations (EAR) even when their actions are dependent upon information or
instructions given by those who use their service” (BIS, 2014). Organizations that seek to export
their products may find that authorizing an agent is a viable option; however, this does not
release the originating exporter from any and all lawful obligatory responsibilities. In utilizing
freight forwarding and PPI agents, organizations must comply with the following;
A. provides the agent with the information necessary to complete the AES submission;
B. authorize the agent to complete the AES submission by power of attorney or other
written authorization; and
C. maintains documentation to support the information provided to the agent for
completing the AES submission.

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