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Export Compliance




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The textbook author states in Chapter 10, “Export documents are import documents.” Explain
what is meant by this statement and how it applies to the purchasing function.
Select and analyze two functions of the Bureau of Industry and Security, and discuss how they
represent the overall mission of the agency.
“Export documents are import documents” meaning that all imported product, goods, and
services are documented as per law and imported or stored as methods of identification.
Basically, our compliance laws for importing and exporting have become strictly emphasized in
light of 9/11 attacks. Another perspective in which this term “Export documents are import
documents” can also apply to the partnership between countries. For example, exporting
documents from the US become import documents for per say Australia. The overall mission is
to support commerce and free trade, however, within the scope of US compliances. To
accomplish it monumental feat, BIS has incorporated methods of identification and strategies for
enforcing compliance regulations. These functions contribute to the overall health and
production while ensuring import/export regulatory compliances (BIS, 2014).
BIS. (2014, May 11th). Bureau of Industry and Security. Retrieved from Bureau of Industry and
Short Answer Export/Import: Bureau of Industry and Security
Given the enormity of the BIS and their associated agencies, methods of identification
with regards to stored information would be a form of archival data that can be retrieved for
multiples reasons such as tracking, inventory control analysis, and of course the disbursement of
such data in the use of investigational purposes. All the store information can be gathered for
identifying per say an individual, a certain chemical, and/or analyzed for cargo discrepancies.
Multiple methods that can be employed for identifying importing exporting information,
including activities when retrievable data is analyzed, however, there’s no intention of this
information being shared, however, given the financial funding source, a fair assumption can be
made that the federal government has an interested this information, and, considering its
potential negative impacts on economies due to importing/exporting, I would say what a fair
amount of certainty that this system exist for more than the simplicity of business guidance.

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