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Securing Abc Company

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Running head: SECURING ABC COMPANY Securing ABC Company Name: Institutional Affiliations: 1 2 SECURING ABC COMPANY Securing ABC Company Summary of problems faced by ABC Inc The tire manufacturing Inc., which wishes to be referred to as ABC, Inc. has currently experienced cybercrime problem. The other problem concerns its identity that if it is disclosed there is a potential of the attack to result in loss of customer confidence. Further, it also faces the issue of rivals’ attempt to hack the important functional and strategic information. Some rivals are using its techniques and the source of the attack is still not yet known. Further, the other problem is that it currently does not have any security measures. ABC Inc. is also facing the problem of incorrect data in the database because someone had modified it from outside the normal operation hours of the business. Moreover, there is also the problem of insecure laptops that the marketing and sales staff carry with them as they travel. This has resulted in the data being previously hacked and licked whenever those laptops are not within the network of the organization. Top five recommendations for implementing better security in the organization Implementation of a better security for ABC Inc. will be of much benefit to the overall operations of the business and the company as a whole. In this regard, some of the top recommendations for executing security involve first, ensuring that every department in the company s ...
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