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Running Head:ABC MANUFACTURING COMPANY Creating a CRM Database Student Name: Instructor Name: Course: Date: 1 ABC MANUFACTURING COMPANY We have a database called CRM. It contains 8 tables which are ✓ Customers ✓ Employees ✓ Offices ✓ Orderdetails ✓ Orders ✓ Payments ✓ Productlines ✓ products Inside the model we have the following relationships The model has the following relationships and entities: Productlines has one to one relations with products table Orderdetails has one to one relations with orders Employees have one to many relations with customers table. 2 ABC MANUFACTURING COMPANY The database is organized into different tables. Each table has a name, and table values. We keep track of orders, customers, products etc. We store each customer’s, name, address, city, state, postal code and phone number. Each orders are classified into order number, order date, status, customer number based on their function. We also keep track of the direct supervision of each employee. We We also maintain each office code, city phone, state country etc. and relationship to the employee. We keep track of each payment by customer number, check number payment date and amount. Each products may engage several order details. A customer many have several orders, but each order has only one customer. An employee is assigned to one department but may work on several projects. The department for which the employee works does not necessarily control the projects that t ...
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