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Running Head: ARTICLE SUMMARY, CRITIQUE, AND REFERENCE Article Summary, Critique, and Reference Name of student School affiliations Date 1 ARTICLE SUMMARY, CRITIQUE, AND REFERENCE 2 Article Summary Henry Skjerven’s article, seven skills every professional safety needs, is a clear elaboration on the essential skills which every safety professional require to excel and successfully build a safe environment of work. The first skill, according to Skjerve, remains as corporate finances, whereby he believes that every job linked to safety professionalism requires financial management like any other job. The author believes that for success to be witnesses in such employment, proper financial management will be required thus a call for well-trained financial managers who can use the available resources to budget for the best appropriate safety measures. The second skill is prescribed as Compassion & Empathy, which, according to the author, remain as fundamental guiding principles in business safety. It remains the duty of the OSH in a specific safety event to put into practice emphasis and input great compassion when dealing with affected individuals by that event (Skjerven, 2019). Additionally, Ergonomic remains the third skill which, according to Skjerven, must get considered as an essential subject when dealing with injury prevention. Due to individuals familiarity with computers in workplaces as well as electric companies, the increase of injuries have raised the alarm w ...
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