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Part A. Reading the Paragraph Sample
The favorable benefits of video games have
made children become smart thinkers. According to
Narvaez (2000), she explained that the physical
structure of the children’s brain would change and
exhibit exceptional abilities to think (p. 65). She also
clarified her idea by saying that the thinking ability of
the children could perform fast to read and write. It
meant that the brain structure would function and
work the same process when students did read and
write. (Prot et al., 2012) reported that the learning
process in school has had the same effect as playing
video games (p. 468). They further noted that these
video games could promote some positive effects on
children because these video games would enhance
the analytical, problem-solving, and creative thinking
skills. As some video games offered some computer
tricks, these tricks would encourage children to attain
their higher thinking skills. Thus, computer games
could provide benefits to children.
Part B. Noting the Use of Connectors
Also, likewise, in addition, moreover, furthermore
However, nonetheless, nevertheless, in contrast to
Consequently, fortunately, technically, essentially
Thus, hence, therefore, in the end, towards the end
Above all, all in all, in summary, throughout the end
Part C. Thinking of the Principles of Rhetoric
Unity – relatedness of sentences; united
Coherence sticking of sentences through the use
connectors or transitional devices
Emphasis the proper distribution of ideas in
multiple sentences in the middle part
Part D. Avoiding of Verb Shifting
The use of verbs in sentences should be consistent.
Though exception to this rule is clear, the basic idea
is that the writer must not shift tenses of verbs.
Task A. Write a paragraph containing five sentences.
The topic is given, so you need to provide the details.
Attending Classes in College
Watching my Favorite Sports
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