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Importing/Exporting, Fundamental Marketing Strategies




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Running Head: Importing/Exporting, Fundamental Marketing Strategies
Importing/Exporting, Fundamental Marketing Strategies
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Importing/Exporting, Fundamental Marketing Strategies 2
Exporting; From the Inside-Out
US based companies that are seeking to export goods and services may find that
Export .gov can be of value for pre-marketing tool. From assessment tools to current market
trends, individual utilizing will uncover crucial and important information. To
effectively provide companies with profitable ventures, provide solutions that include
sale/marketing, finances/logistics, licenses and registration, including trade data problems and
analysis to foreign organizations seeking to exploit the US economic market. Exporters will be
supplied with compliance and regulatory information as well as tools and assessment for entering
into a binding contract for the purpose of exporting their product and services (, 2014,
p. solutions). BUYUSA.Gov provides valuable information and statistical data regarding the
exporting of commercial goods into foreign markets; providing exporter with foreign market
value, anticipation, and market acceptability percentages.
Importing; From the Out-Side In
Individuals and/or organization that wish to conduct product importing into the United
States will find that can provide them with excellent resources. It is vital that
importers are aware of US federal importing laws and practices within the United States to
ensure their survivability within their chosen market of operation. International trade
opportunities are offered to importers which increase sale, helps importers locate and maintain
suppliers, as well as partnering with many potential reputable buyers, and provide them with
additional resources such as marketing and assessment tools.
Trade Shows
Trade show are business gathering of establish organization displaying their product for
the public and potential buyers. Trade Show information is offered as tools for importers in

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Importing/Exporting, Fundamental Marketing Strategies 3
marketing their products. According to, 85-90 percent of all conducted business
operations within the United States is considered international in nature (, 2014, p.
Trade Events). In addition to searchable results of trade events, attendees will also learn the
fundamental aspect of financing options and licensing requirements. Tradeshows offer
opportunities for individuals to partner and developed last business relationships. Knowing the
type of market that business’s wish to dive into, can be effectively substantiated by researching
their chosen market.
Marketing Resources
Every organization that intend on conduction operations over sees and within the US
jurisdiction must consider the market their particular interested in for launching their products
and/or service. The current market resource list consists of over 100,000 industry and specialized
market reports. This section outlines details that organization can utilize in maximize the
presences while reducing expenditures, thus, a balanced and viable business tools is how
individual and companies should see this section. These sophisticated reports allow business
owners to evaluate market fluctuations, most viable and profitable market indicators, as well as
reports for those within the agricultural industries.
International Trade Opportunities
Providing products and service that reach millions of people around the globe can only be
achieved by developing business relationships, which the United States is tasked with.
Trade Leads are a vital tool in market evaluation practices for all organizations and operations,
importing/exporting that furnish goods to a certain geographical location. Registration is required
to access the Trade Leads Database, however, once registered, interest businesses will have the
ability to locate and partner with other interested suppliers (, 2014, p. Trade Leads).

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