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How do and computer get viruses?


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How do and computer get viruses?
Viruses Can Be Transmitted and Spread in
computer through:
E-Mail Attachments: You should always apply caution when opening any E-Mail attachments received, especially
from people who you do not know. These types of viruses are usually triggered when the attached file is opened or executed. Some
viruses can even trigger themselves just by simply viewing the infected E-Mail although this is not that common. Therefore, ensure
that the Anti-Virus Software you are using is set to monitor your E-Mail Program that you send and receive E-mail with. Today’s
modern software programs are usually set by default to do it.
Network Shared Resources: Many viruses and worms will try to duplicate themselves by finding security loop
holes in a network in order to attach themselves to a shared network resource. The vulnerable network resources are file folders,
which are shared amongst users as file access permissions are being granted. When a Virus identifies a shared folder it will attempt
to copy itself into it in order to infect that Computer itself and then all computers that access the shared folder. A Worm will basically
just try to replicate itself.
Removable Media: Removable Media such as Floppy Disks, Re-Writable Compact and DVD Disks, Zip Disks, USB
Memory and Flash Drive are often exchanged and used from one machine to another, especially in an office. Therefore, be sure to
frequently scan these removable devices to prevent infection.
Internet Downloads: Any material downloaded from the Internet, whether they are programs, documents, music files,
video files and compressed files etc., could potentially contain a virus.
Document Files: Many documents and spreadsheets can contain useful macros that perform certain tasks automatically
for you. However, macro viruses also exist and they use the functionality of macros to spread themselves to other files and can
make alterations to the files infected.

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