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Global Crime Issues Paper Describe what worldwide criminal justice systems are doing to address the




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Global Crime Issues Paper
Identify the current crimes and criminal issues that impact the criminal justice system on a global
Write a 1,400- to 2,000-word paper that addresses the following: Describe what worldwide
criminal justice systems are doing to address the criminal issues you identified. Find and
summarize a news story covering either a cybercrime or a terrorism-related crime that occurred
within the last 2 years that had a worldwide impact. Discuss how worldwide criminal justice
systems handled the crime. Provide your opinion on the effectiveness of the systems' response
and include suggestions for future responses to combat or prevent these crimes. Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines. Times New Romans 12pt
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Global crimes transcend national borders and threaten American citizens
and communities, businesses, and institutions, as well as global security
and stability. The classification of global crimes can be categorized
according to if the behavior is international and constitutes a crime
against the world, or if the act is transnational that affects the interests of
more than one state (Global Solutions, n.d.). The contents of this essay
will identify the various major global crimes and criminal issues that have
a global impact on national and international justice systems and
processes. In addition, the text will discuss the various international
justice systems and how these global crimes and criminal issues are
Fueled by open borders, global markets, and the advancement of
telecommunications, international crime has become a rising universal
problem. In 1995, President Clinton classified international crime as a
danger to the national interest of the United States. Therefore, before
and since then the federal government has been busy in a converging
effort to address various major global crimes, such as human rights and
war crimes, organized crime and narcotics, cybercrime, environmental

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crime, and terrorism (Global Solutions, n.d.). Human Rights and War
Crimes are inhuman acts committed by an extensive or systematic
attack aimed against individuals, such as genocide, crimes against
humanity, slavery, torture, aggression, and war crimes. Organized crime
is a profit-driven criminal organization or group who work together to
commit illegal acts to achieve a common goal and most international
organized crime involves narcotics violations including drug trafficking,
drug manufacturing, and drug distribution are common trends in today's
international and national organized crime groups. A cybercrime is “the
unauthorized use of computer technology to manipulate critical user
data” (Oak, n.d., para 1). Cybercrimes include spamming, hacking, credit
fraud, cyber-bullying, piracy, cyber-terrorism, identity theft, and even
drug trafficking.
Environmental crime is the act of causing harm to the global
environment and consists of two types, such things as wildlife crime and
pollution crime. The wildlife crime involves the illegal use of the world’s
wild animals whereas pollution crime is exchanging and discarding
hazardous wastes or resources (Interpol, 2012). Terrorism is mainly a
mental act that corresponds through a violent act against another
country or against another group is their attempt to call attention to a
particular problem that the terrorist group believes is a nuisance to
society. For decades, the United States has been significantly a part in
creating an enduring international system of justice that is consistent
with the American philosophy of impartiality, responsibility, and equality.
Currently, most people who commit international criminal acts are
indicted in international tribunals and progressively, in the International
Criminal Court. Other international criminal justice systems include
International Court of Justice, and International Criminal Tribunals and
Special Courts (Global Solutions, n.d.). The authority and operation of
the International Criminal Court (ICC) are administered by the Rome
Statute. The ICC is a last resort court that adjudicates people accused of
the most serious international crimes, such as genocide, crimes against
humanity, slavery, torture, aggression, and war crimes. Terrorism may
fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC, depending on the severity of the
terrorist act. The ICC will not proceed if a case is under investigation or
prosecution by a national judicial system except if the national
procedures are not legitimate (International Criminal Court, n.d.). The
Charter of the United Nations established the International Court of
Justice (ICJ) in June 1945 as the primary judicial agency of the United

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