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Develop An Analysis With Management Tips For Each Of The Assignment Cases

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Running head: AN ANALYSIS WITH MANAGEMENT TIPS An Analysis with Management Tips Name Institution 1 AN ANALYSIS WITH MANAGEMENT TIPS 2 An Analysis with Management Tips The case is about Myrna, a waitress who complained to her boss Simon about a patron who frequently came to the restaurant who had been engaging in what she says is sexual harassing behavior. The waitress explained all the activities of Simon to the boss and requested the boss to ask Simon to stop and that she should not be asked to serve him the near future. Stuart is the boss and the restaurant owner who says he will look into the matter. However, he does not wish to upset Simon, who is one of the best customers, and he decides to put off for a few weeks. When he decides to get around with dealing with the issue, he only tells Simon that he should be a little easier on Myrna and does not explain why. The boss also does nothing on the request of Myrna on relieving her obligation of serving Simon anymore. The case may be analyzed in a legal and management perspective. Legal Analysis As depicted by Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964, the employers are termed to be liable to any conduct that is unwelcome and sexual that occurs within the workplace environment (Hersch & Shinall, 2015). It depicts that regardless of where the employees provided they are working for the company, they should not be subjected to any crude comments, implications, or suggestions that are sexual. They should also not be touche ...
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