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Running head: HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION Healthcare Administration Institutional Affiliation Students Name Date 1 1 HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION Introduction The health care delivery systems have been faced with challenges due to various aspects that are influencing it. The health care system susceptibility comes from the mismanagement of the health care system whereby institutions, resources, and the organization of people are all involved. Quality healthcare improvement has been hindered in health delivery systems due to the lack of enough physicians to cater to the growing number of patients due to high population growth in the country. In regard to this, a new program through Logic Model development must be created in order to fix this problem, and this will be done by empowering non-physicians medical professionals in order to balance the ratio of physicians to patients. The Problem A research done by the National Academic Press (2018), showcased that quality healthcare is being influenced because of the rising population and the unbalanced ratio of physicians to patients. Lack of enough physicians in the country has been experienced, and it has been the major factor in quality improvement in health delivery systems. Major hospitals depend on the limited dispatched physicians to stand up for the rising number of patients daily, which becomes impossible to offer quality healthcare (Johnson et al., 2012). The hiring of physicians has been expensive, too, while maintainin ...
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