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Nursing Practice

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1 Week 6 Assignment: EBP Change Process form ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation Star Point 1: Discovery (Identify topic and practice issue) Identify the topic and the nursing practice issue related to this topic. (This MUST involve a nursing practice issue.) In a hospital setting, errors are a common occurrence. However, they accrue severe effects, which place patients at high risk and can, at times, lead to death. Thus, the topic chosen for this assignment is establishing a safety culture to help nurses reduce errors in healthcare facilities. Briefly describe your rationale for your topic selection. Include the scope of the issue/problem. The rationale for the topic selection stems from the increased errors in hospitals, leading to millions of deaths of patients across the globe. The common reasons for these errors are fatigue and burnout in addition to recklessness. Despite the many faults, nurses are capable of eliminating their mistakes in the course of their practice. Star Point 2: Summary (Evidence to support the need for a change) Describe the practice problem in your own words and formulate your PICOT question. The increased medical errors emanate from prescription and medical errors, missed care, falls among patients, and insufficient care from the nurses. Unfortunately, very few interventions have been suggested to remedy the situation. PICOT Question: Does the patient population in healthcare settings get exposed to risks from errors, such as medications ...
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