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 !"#$
 !
 !'(
)*+,-./ !0
*, !" !#
* ! #
""#$%& '
  &!
*!1 !#
2* 0

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3 1 !
* 
* 
45    
6 
6 
7 ! 
  1  "8
* 

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LAW 531 Final Exam 51 answers highlighted in green and underlined1 Under the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which of the following is true?Penalties are imposed for obtaining any domain name that infringes on a valid trademark.Domainnames are granted only after ensuring that they do not infringe on a valid existing trademark.A plaintiff must show that the defendant acted in bad faith in order to recover.Prior approval by the affected celebrity is needed to obtain a domain name that is similar to a celebrity's name.2 The Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act led to rules requiring:That mergers be allowed if United States competitiveness in world markets is improved.That failing companies are rescued through mergers whenever possible.That the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department be notified in advance of any merger involving certain firms.That certain activities are classified as per se violations.3 The landlord has the right to enter the leased premises:To make necessary repairsOnly if specifically provided in the leaseTo inspect for wasteTo inspect for illegal use4 Which for of real property ownership includes the greatest degree of ownership?Fee simple defeasibleFee simple limitlessAbsolute life estateFee simple absolute5 A doctrine that says a patent may not be granted if the invention was used by the public for more than a certain period of time prior to the filing of the patent application is kno ...
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