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Who profits in the sales for marijuana in WASHINGTON AND COLORADO




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Who profits in the sales for marijuana

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 Describe the selected issue, opportunity, or problem facing the organizaon
The issues of legalizing marijuana to be used as recreation or medicinal use portray the actual
legal in which the weed would be a bonanza for the cash-strapped states. In Colorado and
Washington, this business started as a result of tax and regulation recreation of the weed sales
together with medical marijuana legal in most of the other 18 states thus attributing to some hard
numbers on industries value. Regarding this issue, Colorado collects more than $3.5 million
dollars in taxes as well as fees from the recreation and medical marijuana sales. Much of the tax
revenues come from the recreational pot. Colorado is identified as the first state which
established the recreation pot sale. The Washington is another state with the same legal pot
recreation and is much more expected to go high on sales (Boyd, 20134). The department of
correlation and revenue monitors the revenue patterns which seem to emerge in pot sales due to
the factors like the local approval licenses and potential of the legal pot novelty.
The opportunity of marijuana sale is well monitored under perspectives to which there are
multiple layers of tax in place. Actually there is 10% state sales tax which is imposed on the
retail sale of marijuana as well as marijuana products along 29% already exists in the state sale
tax. The marijuana sale overpowers other products which are taxed in Colorado whereby the tax
is on final consumer and is not easily considered in advertised price. The state keeps track of
marijuana by regulating medical marijuana so as to offer the better opportunities in order to shun
moratoriums (Benekos, 2006). The problem faced in the organization is the imposed licenses and
fees in associate to medical marijuana whereby it outpace the retail marijuana in five to one
factor. The other problem is how these organizations spends money hence there is no compliance
of the high tax imposed because the consumers are purchasing and the official staffs indicates
that those are targeted numbers in the marijuana market.

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Proposing on who profit in the sales for marijuana in Washington & Colorado, its true that the
Government states, counties and department of revenue gains much profits through taxation of
the marijuana as well as issuing of licenses to the retails shop. Even though marijuana had been
legalized to be used as medical, the two states Colorado and Washington have gone further by
allowing marijuana sales for recreation use. The Department of revenue collects much money
through national legal of marijuana and focus on the marijuana industry (Pollock, 2013). The
twenty states within Washington DC have been identified to have legalized marijuana for
medicinal use in regards to Colorado and Washington State voting in the year 2012 to legalized
marijuana for the recreational use for adults. Colorado data has proved marijuana industry’s
viability as the legal source of the tax revenue.
 Discuss the signicance, scope, magnitude, and feasibility of nding a soluon to the issue,
opportunity, or problem
The significance that would give an actual solution is identified after crime fall as a result of
Colorado tax revenue in regards to marijuana legalization. This illustrates that in Washington and
Colorado, the legalization of marijuana might have drawn much of 42.1 billion dollars in revenue
for the states from the new taxes of marijuana sales. Certainly, the projections are premature
since no reports regarding the federal government. The scope shows that the Colorado and
Washington are the most designed frameworks for regulating cultivation and sales of recreational
marijuana hence getting profits (Kilmer, 2013). Unfortunately, the marijuana drug has potential
in providing much more cash to the states which are emerging from recession and revenue
stream which might emerge if feds block the recreational pots sales. In Washington, the sales of
marijuana collected are estimated to be $2 billion within five years but the state faces projection

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