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Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab




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Running head: APPLE VS SAMSUNG 1
Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Compare and contrast the features of both the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab
The technology has advanced over decade portraying the growing number of consumers who
purchases the tablets because of their convenience as well as versatility along variety of
entertainment and other purpose works. Certainly, the two popular tablet models which are on
the market, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad are basically known for their convenience towards
different variety of purpose works. Considering these two tablets, the purchaser should consider
various features within the design of these devices and devices capabilities (Hart-Davis, 2012).
The purchaser have to identify the kind of applications the two devices have and what access the
devices provides as well as what type of cameras do they have. These two tablets have an
excellent battery life together with compatible different software. Apple iPad has 42.5 watt
battery which holds power for 10 hrs streaming video or playing games. Also, the iPad can be
charged with USB power cord connected to a computer or power adapter (Gallo, 2012). Galaxy
Tab has 10-inch model which has 7,000mAh battery that hold power already in use either
streaming HD videos at full screen brightness for about six hours and more. Therefore the buyers
have to take all differences of these tablets into account so as to purchase the kind of tablet which
suits their needs.
In contrast, the design of the two tablets matters whereby the consumers love iPad for its
minimalist design appearing in two colors black or white models. Galaxy Tab appears in white
and has great design while iPad have sleeker look. The size of Samsung Galaxy tab is available
in two sizes, one being a 7-inch model and the other being 10.1-inch model while the iPad
appears in 10-inch tablet and 9.7-inch screen. The other consideration in comparison is about the
storage whereby both of the devices, Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad are always available in different
amounts of memories (BOONE, 2012). These devices have 16 or 32 GBs of the flash storage

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