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Situational Leadership Style

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Running head: SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP STYLE Leadership Styles & Diverse Teams – Situational Leadership Style Name Institution Course Date 1 SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP STYLE 2 Introduction Managing diverse teams within an organization may be challenging, especially due to the diverse cultures backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, norms, and values that such teams possess diverse teams always view issues and situation from different perspectives, which may cause conflicts among them when working on a project as a team. Consequently, leaders must identify the most effective leadership style that would help them effectively managed the diverse teams within their organization to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in enhancing the performance of the teams. While there are numerous leadership styles that can be used to manage diverse teams, the situational leadership styles come out as one of the most effective leadership styles in creating a positive environment within an organization. This paper will discuss show the situational leadership style is the most effective in leading diverse teams to provide effective skills for negotiation and mitigation of conflicts that arise from the implementation of a project within a team. Situational Leadership style in Managing Diverse Teams A situational leadership style entails the modification of the leadership approaches used by a leader to suit the needs, desire, and expectations of the team. In particular, a situational leadership style en ...
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