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Project Charter

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Running head: TELEMEDICINE FOR RURAL FACILITY Project Charter for Telemedicine in a Rural Facility Name Institution 1 TELEMEDICINE FOR RURAL FACILITY 2 Background Canon hospital is located in a rural setup and has a wide radius of operation because of the long distance to any other facility. Most the within one hundred miles radius depends on the hospital for services. Rehabilitation of stroke-related illnesses and special care like ICU are challenging to Canon hospital due to its inability to provide such kind of services. The hospital refers most of their patients to its tertiary hospitals who have certifications in offering ICU and stroke rehabilitation related care. Communication and patient follow up is a major challenge that Canon hospital experiences in addition to the loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction that arise from the transfer of patients. The need to address customer dissatisfaction related challenges and loss of revenue makes the hospital to organize for telemedicine services with the tertiary hospitals. Problem Statement The current system at cannon hospital does not support follow up of Patients referred to tertiary hospitals. Cannon hospital refers to most patients that need ICU care and stroke-related rehabilitation to its tertiary hospitals but does not have structures in place to conduct monitoring and follow on the Patients. The lacks of an efficient data management system limit the hospital from tracking its patients in other tertiary faci ...
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