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Running head: FRANKENSTEIN BY MARY SHELLEY Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Name Institutional Affiliation Date 1 FRANKENSTEIN BY MARY SHELLEY 2 Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein to express the nature of human beings through the creature that was created, and the way is developed. After the creature was made, it gained an opportunity to explore the surrounding and learning the nature of human beings such as reading. The creature also learns that a human being has a nature of running from catastrophic looks. The creature had deformities which mean he had to limit himself due to the way human beings responded. It is clear that Mary Shelley was trying to show that human being run away from abnormal things as well as alienating them in their lives. It can also be seen in the current world where people with abnormalities are different differently by others. The life of Mary Shelly had a tragic life from the start. Her mother died immediately after Shelley was born and was brought up by her father. Shelley did not have a good relationship with her stepmother but was close to her father who was an author. It was then that Shelley started to learn how to read and write and she used the novel of Frankenstein to express her feelings about life and death. The creation of the creature is associated with different ethical issues. The nature of human beings is seen to be controversial due to the reactions they show in varying situations. The mortality ...
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