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U.s Immigration

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Running head: U.S Immigration 1 U.S immigration: Are the illegal migrants in the U.S beneficial to the country? Name Institution Date U.S Immigration 2 Introduction Immigration has been an issue in the U.S for a very long time. Many discussions and policies have been formulated to come up with a solution to the issue, however, there has not been any solution reached. Over the years, the number of illegal immigrates into the country has increased therefore increasing the population of the country. Studies show that 27% of the population of the United States is made up of these immigrants. There have debates regarding the way forward to dealing with the issue. Some of the people feel that illegal immigrants should be provided with documents in a bid to become citizens while others feel that coming up with plans to bar them from entering the country is the way to go. A closer look at the issue of illegal immigrants, a very important question comes into mind, ‘what is the impact of the immigrants in the country? The topic is important to me because it stirs different feelings when it comes to the thoughts behind why do these people move away from their mother country and risk living in a foreigners' country. The topic under discussion is also relevant as it has resulted to some sort of attention to all the parties involved, for instance, the legislatures, the border patrol, the authors of different sources and the immigrants. Improvement of the country's economy From the ...
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