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Running head: THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION The Industrial Revolution Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Guvenc, Ozge. William Blake and William Wordsworth's Reactions to the Industrial Revolution.Çankaya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2014, pp. 113123, _to_the_Industrial_Revolution. Accessed 29 Apr 2019. Between 1780 and 1830, the industrial revolution had already started in this period characterized by romantic literature. Blake had hopes on what revolution would bring. He wrote an epic which he named, The French Revolution, in between 1790 and 1791. The main subject was the revolution and his views on revolution. Blake supported the abolition of the decaying feudal system and the corrupted monarchy back then (Guvenc, 114). Wordsworth also believed in change mainly in the social structure. In his poem, called The Prelude, he supported the French Revolution. The two authors were however disappointed by the growing disillusionment caused by riots and massacres. The industrial revolution also contributed greatly to social and economic changes. People shifted from rural areas to go and work in the factories. This was a painful process for agriculture. Blake and Wordsworth made protests on these political, cultural and social changes in this era. The way these two poets express their attitudes through their poems varies in the use of imag ...
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