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Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Narcissism Narcissism is pivotal in the pursuit of gratification that involves the admiration of one's idealized attribute and self-image. In most cases, individuals will feel elevated by their sense of self-worth compared to normality. Narcissists tend to believe that they are not like other people in that they are unique and superior to all (Lapsley and Stey 1). Historically, this type of behaviors was seen in ancient Greece where it was referred to as hubris (George and Short 1). Honorable people that became inflicted with arrogance lead the community to destruction. The term gained popularity after a handsome Greek youth rejected the nymphs of echo and was forced to fall in love with his reflection in a pool of water (George and Short 1). On the hand, the concept of narcissism connects to the story “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde that talks about the story of a young man named Dorian Gray who had a portrait of himself painted. Basil Hallward's thinks Gray is beautiful and keeps on admiring him throughout the story. On a particular day in Basil’s garden, Gray meets Lord Henry Wotton who makes him believe that beauty is the most crucial thing in life. It is then that Gray realizes that he would become less beautiful as he aged. Gray wishes that the portrait that Basil painted would become aged instead. Therefore, he sells his soul so that he could remain beautiful. For 18 years, he remains beautiful ...
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