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Narratives And Their Stylistic Anatomy

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Surname 1 Student Name Professor’s Name Course Date Narratives and their stylistic anatomy Introduction Narratives have been used in the passing down of information from one party to another or to a group of parties. As such, narratives form the ancient structures of passing on information and knowledge in ancient times. Still in the modern world, narratives have survived the long felt effects of history and are still in use today. With time, narratives have been modified to include stylistic devices such as metaphors, repetition, similes, tone, narrator perspectives as well as many more. These stylistic devices help in the toning of the narratives in a way that is understandable as well as bringing up a point of interest for the audience. This essay views two narratives and analyzes the use of stylistic devices incorporated in these stories. Analysis Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Heart of the Darkness is a novella genre written by Joseph Conrad, a Polish – British writer. The story tells of the author’s voyage to an interior country in the mid of Africa, Congo. The story is set on a boat transporting some men, one of them, the author, Charles Marlow who sails deep into Africa to a place he describes as the “Heart of Africa”. One theme of this story is racism. While Joseph Conrad name Africa as a place of darkness and London as the greatest Surname 2 town on earth, the theme of racism is evident in this text. However, the narrator’s perspectives on racism ...
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