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Water Essay

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Running head: WATER ESSAY 1 Water Student Name Institution WATER ESSAY 2 Water is indeed a very important thing for both plants and animals. It is important to note that water makes about 60% of the total weight of the body and 90% of the weight of the brain. Hydration, therefore, is very crucial when it comes to the functioning of the body. The following are the reasons why water is very useful especially when it comes to the health of a human being. Water is crucial because it boosts energy. Needless to say that water delivers essential nutrients to all the cells that are found in the body and this is particularly the muscles cells and therefore helping to postpone the muscle fatigue (Chaplin, 2006). In fact, water plays a very important role when it comes to weight loss. Water helps in the process of making you feel full longer and without necessarily having to add any calories. In other words, eating and taking foods that contain a high amount of water can ideally help in the process of managing your weight. Obviously, water is also important when it comes to digestion. This means that water helps in constipation and other respective abdominal issues particularly those su ...
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