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Running Head: THREE PAGE ESSAY 1 Three Page Essay Institutional Affiliation Date THREE PAGE ESSAY 2 a) Introduction The two poems are an illustration of how people kill their inner happiness to impress other people who probably have no great interest in the individuals trying to please them. Individuals make certain sacrifices to satisfy or even fit in which puts them in a sad situation. The primary topic illustrated is self-love or accepting oneself. For individuals to have faith in themselves they should first know who they are which can be accomplished by acknowledging the specific story that individuals build in their minds. That includes the hopes plus doubts or fears as well as the strengths plus defects. Attitudes plus principles concerning life are essential too. Lack of self-acceptance and living a pretense life is similar to living in a dream. It is a pleasurable feeling but never lasts for a lifetime. Generally, accepting one's flaws is quite tricky but acknowledging them is the starting point to an individual's improvement. b) Body Paragraphs In the case of the two poems, one similar visible feature illustrated in the poem is that self-acceptance aspect. In the poem "We Wear a Mask" the individuals involved do not have that self-approval as they pretend to be content while in real sense they were hurting (Cassidy, & Stevenson, 2005). They did not value their lives or emotions and instead chose to please the party that was irrelevant in their lives. A similar ...
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