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Business 375: Employee Training
Training Models: Corporate University Model
The level of education is said to have start deteriorating despite the fact that
there has been a lot of corporate universities out there in the country starting to
become popular. Annick Renaud-Coulon, chairman of the Global Council of
Corporate Universities said that corporate universities are now becoming bigger in

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numbers and there are now at least 4,000,000 corporate universities we have today.
The number shows how these universities are starting to outnumber the traditional
universities we have out there and these universities are actually owned and
established by many corporate companies. Corporations seem to understand the
need for better human brains and education seems to be the answer to it hence
these corporations is now establishing their own schools for their future employees.
Aside from competitive learning strategies they offer that will prepare students to
face real challenges of living in a corporate world, corporate companies are also
easier to finish because they offer e-learning or learning through the internet with a
web based tool and lesson plans. With training modules presented to them, these
corporate universities are now able to offer wide variety of courses and the
technology we have even made it easier for them to teach courses to students
anywhere in the country.
Corporate universities and schools are now opening to give trainings to their
future employees. From corporate universities come trainers that are willing to
provide assistance to the people that will become the future workers of the company
(Noe, 2010). With corporate universities, they are more focus on teaching corporate
ideas like improving customer service experience and teaching ways to keep a
churning cust6omer, how to be more productive while reducing cost of operation to
increase profit and earnings. Corporate universities also focused on teaching future
employers on how to keep and select high performing employees. The idea of
corporate universities is to give knowledge to possible employees so they can do
their job with the least supervision requires , least training needed yet perform like

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professionals in the field of business they have selected. For every organization,
trainings and development programs, refresher courses and updates are always
provided to ensure that everyone is up to date so they would know what to do and
not to do. Awareness is the key for employees to succeed though. The of course
businesses needs to cut cost or the amount they need to spend in providing expected
services out of them hence it is a good idea to have an institution that will train
people for them. This is a long term goal that corporate schools and corporations are
trying to achieve, imagine having a pool of people that are trained and know how to
manage resources to maximize profit. Besides, if everyone is already customer
oriented, then the chance of losing an employee is minimized. The U.S. Department
of Labor conducted a study and from it they gathered that retaining an employee is
easier rather than hiring new one because with new hires, you have to start from
scratch with trainings, the recruitment process and the offers of bonuses and
overtime. The problem with new employees is that they tend to not finish their
trainings after hence causing waste of training cost for the company. In contrast, if
the company can keep same employees for a certain period of time, it indicates a lot
of thing about the organization. It means higher job satisfaction, having well trained
and performing employees who already know the workarounds of the job at hand. If
the organization has tenured employees, it means there is not much needed for
trainings, just refreshers and development programs to continuously keep them
One corporate university that we can use a sample of a successful corporate
university is the McDonalds Hamburger University. McDonalds has been training its

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Had to paraphrase some of the content but overall, really useful material.

Just what I needed… fantastic!

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