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Business 375: Employee Training
Learning Theories
Learning Theories
There are a lot of theories that still needs to be checked and figured out for future
use like things that we need to learn in our daily job as an employee and manager. In an
organization, they hire new employees and provide basic training and then once they

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started working, then they will get to lean more information. This is like studying; you
know the basic and get to learn the more complicated lessons as you go through your
specialization especially in college. This is what we call learning theory where in theories
are being applied while learning in an educational and functional environment. Once
learning gets wider, then the person involve can function better like employees. Learning
theories needs to be selected with precision in order to get a theory that will fit the person's
need and the skill needed to perform the job given (Noe, 2010). Theories are just ideas
provided during class discussions and it is expected that the student or the employee will
apply the theories once they get to face the real challenge in real life.
Theories are always associated with the way individuals understand things in their
life. Trying to understand theories is like undergoing a learning process where in you learn
from each step you make (Noe, 2010). For example we have the theory about reinforcement
and how reinforcement works in keeping employees work with satisfaction. Reinforcement
theory can be a good or a bad thing though depending on the way employees will use the
reinforcement provided to them by the management. There is another theory being used
which is called social learning theory where in the trainee learns from watching someone
do their job regularly through observations. The observer can then mimic the attitude that
the one being observed is showing especially if it is getting him or her some rewards.
Another theory is the need theory where in job performance is based on the needs of the
person where in if they can get what they want, then they will do things that will make
them get it. We also have a theory called expectancy theory wherein the employee do his or
her job based on the expectations he or she got among other factors like the capability of
the employee to learn and the, the capability of the trainee to deliver as expected after the

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Just what I needed. This document gave me a good start on tailoring my own answer.

Documents were of surprisingly high quality, and not like anything I’ve seen on other sites. Very impressed at how even a university level assignment was handled.

Never disappoints. Thanks for being awesome!