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Annotation Worksheet Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Annotation Worksheet Researched Article Annotations Source 1: Boxer, P. (2014). Youth gangs and adolescent development: New findings, new challenges, and new directions: Introduction to the special section. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 24(2), 201-203. I. Rhetorical Context This book was written by Boxer Paul, who is a professor at the University of New Jersey and also an adjunct research scientist working in the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the University of Michigan. II. Summary This book makes attempts to create awareness among its audience which is comprised of young adults and adolescents. The book educates young adults and adolescents on youth gangs. III. What are THREE golden lines from the text Street gangs with many youths as their members have existed in American society for a very long period of time. local and national observers have stated that modern gang activities are more rooted and widespread compared to past. Though a lot of information has been given concerning youth gangs from the ongoing research on criminology, there have been small theoretical as well as empirical developmental literature on this topic. IV. Evaluation Annotation Worksheet The author supports its claim by stating that in the past, gangs were majorly comprised of adolescents and young children and they operated mostly in the urban areas. However, this has changed in the modern wor ...
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