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Business 375: Employee Training Traditional Training week 4 Used once




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Business 375: Employee Training
Traditional Training
Traditional Training
There are different ways of providing trainings and one of the most commonly used
by most organization is the traditional training where in trainings are provided by
an individual without the use of any equipment. Traditional training is pattern in

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accordance to the company’s need as approved by the clients and stakeholders of
the organization. The training should employ the necessary skill needed by the
employees to do their job in the future in response to the needs of the company.
There are three main types of traditional training. The first one is hands on method
of training, and then there is presentation method and the group building method
training. This paper will aim to evaluate the methods we have enumerated and how
good they are if you will be using them. Let us talk first about the first method which
is the presentation training method. Presentation training method comes in two
types as well, the use of lecture and the use of audiovisual materials. When we say
lecture, the trainer does lectures to present the training material and these are
communicated to the trainees’ through spoken words. If there is a large manual that
needs to be discussed in particularly small or controllable group, then lecture is the
most efficient way of providing a training while at the same time it is the cheapest.
This lecture is effective but it depends on the trainees according to Noe (pp. 261).
One of the reasons why it can become ineffective is because trainees tend to become
inattentive and doesn't want to participate during discussions causing the lecturer
to just do a one man job. Sometimes, participants even fall asleep during lectures
hence there is always lack of connection between the trainee and the trainer. As for
the audiovisual training type, training materials are all given through slides, videos
and overheard and trainees are given the right to choose the pace they want to go
through during the audiovisual training. The problem is there are some trainees who
spend more than time necessary to complete their audiovisual materials hence
wasting some of the training time without learning anything. Both lecture and

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