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Business 375: Employee Training
Future Technology and Its Impact on Training
Future Technology and Its Impact on Training
In the coming years, we are expecting that the technology can bring as much
information and knowledge to people through technology advancement and newer
curriculum in the academic field. There will be more need, more people to strive
harder, more need of success, globalization will push everyone to their limit in order

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to be on top of the food chain and be a solution rather than a liability for every
organization they are in. With the use advent of different technological services and
programs, trainings can now be done globally and internationally and information
dissemination won’t be an issue anymore. There will be cyber schools, there will be
more smartphones and gadgets that can be used to access virtually accessible
programs and training material and there will be fewer needs for coaches over the
web since everyone can do self-directed trainings then. The challenge will be onto
different universities and academic providers who need to be in the run along with
technology or else they will be left behind.
Changes brought about by technology in terms of production are changing
allowing human workforce to change course of action when it comes to performing
their jobs. This brought about the challenge of keeping one’s self capable of doing
things while at the same time capable of adapting to the changes and be able to use
the technology to their advantage (21
Century Skills, 2009). Not only employees are
being trained for the new technology in use but trainers are also given a training to
keep themselves flexible. Trainers are now facing the challenge of keeping a class of
people interested using online training materials instead of the usual face to face
discussion in a classroom like training environment. Web trainings make trainings
standardized and cheaper while at the same time allowing trainees to challenge
themselves in focusing and meeting their goals through self-directed trainings (Noe,
2010). Online interactions such as a discussion board are also provided for

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everyone in the class to share information, to learn and have chance to share
information to others.
Today’s learning is considered a revolutionary learning since everyone is now
using the internet. If we used to have visual aids manually written to make reports,
here are now the endless ways of presenting information like power points, video
and giving links for direct access to the material being discussed (Noe, 2010).
Trainings are no longer confined within a room where interaction is between a
trainer and trainees because with online training, people can now interact with
anyone doing the same course as they are.
When it comes to providing service and product support, a new technology
called EPSS or Electronic Performance Support System is being used. This
technology allows the organization to disseminate information to all members of the
team without any delay including giving them reports of their daily performance or
how they do their jobs (Noe, 2010). Before using EPSS, the organization provides
training to all employees to ensure they will be able to use it effectively and one way
to allow everyone to learn with the fastest time possible is through online training
The creation of online training programs keeps its designers busy to ensure
that it is a standardized training that can deliver information instantly to all who are
taking it without any delay (Noe, 2010). There is only one thing required when doing
an online training, a computer with internet connection or any device that can

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