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Lowering The Voting Age To Sixteen 1

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Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen Introduction Should young people have the right to make decisions that extensively influence the society? This has marked one of the most significant questions related to democracy in the United States, concerning the idea of reducing the age of voting from eighteen to sixteen. However, understanding this issue and addressing it to its conclusion requires an analysis of some of the factors that have triggered its existence, and the possible impacts on society that having the young people vote would have. In particular, the argument against their inclusion in the voters list alludes to their possible indecisiveness and potential for influence from other parties such as parents into making decisions. Body Firstly, political issues play a critical role in the arguments on voting age, to the extent that one could just as easily question the genuineness of the policy proposal in Congress or in various states. Highlighting the case of Australia’s reduction in the voting age, Grover notes that the reduction could have been “more to do with political necessity in a democratic state (given the p ...
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