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Surname 1
From: Gonzales Arismandi
To: Mrs. Margret Peii
Dear Mrs. Peii,
I am writing to apply for the vacancy of an assistant purchaser at Murdock’s retail store. I
have been well acquainted with Murdock's items for quite a while. I anticipate having a chance
to work for your retail store and help expand the sales of your products. I am certain that my
experience, training, and aptitudes in the industry make me competent for the position.
I hold a bachelors degree in design business. Some of the subjects I took include history
of style, hypothesis of design, retailing, wholesaling, and globalized design. I also studied
economics and politics of fashion, in which I studied topics such as exploitation of third-world
workers, outsourcing, and environmental concerns in factories. I have completed three
internships in significant retail operations that included stores that ran from high end (Hermes) to
low end (Marshall's). This experience has enabled me to develop knowledge in price quotations.
I am also able to maintain and prepare purchase documents for future reference.
While working in the ladies' design branch of a style boutique, I offered extraordinary
client administration, answered customer questions, and aided administration with stock
marketing. The store administrators were pleased with my understanding of selling standards and
the five-stage methodology I applied to client administration. I was applauded for my capability
to work with others and was given the responsibility of sorting out stock and stock inventories,
while working for Marshall's retail store.

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Surname 2
For as far back as I can recall style has dependably been a significant piece of my life.
For quite a while I have drenched myself in all the most recent New York and global style news,
permitting me to keep my eye out for new exceptional designers. My most cherished imprints
include Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Sass & Bide, and obviously, Poppy & Rose.
Currently am a waitress in a Cafe that serves espresso, light sandwiches, and baked
merchandise to an advanced clientele. However I am energetic about style. I have a blog, Hipless
in Seattle. On this blog, I post videos of fashions that resound with music going from Mozart to
1930s cornball hillbilly. I do have dynamic Twitter and Facebook accounts where I communicate
with my fans about the fashion videos I post.
I have a strong record of lending a hand in team endeavors and contemplations in my
work and all around my educating years. Case in point, I have been making my own high-design
apparel from patterns to office wears and party dresses. My profession goal is to become a
fashion designer.
I am a diligent worker with an incredible track record and enthusiasm to excel. Apart
from knowledge of the latest fashion trend, my positive focuses incorporate great communication
abilities, purchasing the right items, liaising with merchandisers, negotiating costs, stock
upholding and plan control. I am incredible in analyzing business patterns. I am certain that my
abilities and experience will be of the best profit to Murdock's retail store and I am amped up for
the chance to help in the achievement of your retail sales.
My curriculum vitae is encased for your audit. I would be appreciative for a chance to
further talk about how my aptitudes and knowledge might benefit the Murdock's retail store. I
anticipate your positive feedback.
Yours sincerely,
Gonzales Arismandi

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