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March, 2014.
Mr. Erick Kones,
Philadelphia University
4201Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-5497
Dear Mr. Kones,
I am writing to inform you of my interest in the Masters of Science in Construction
Management Program at Philadelphia University. I have submitted my requisition with pertinent
documentation. I currently hold my Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Finance degree from the
Manchester University, having graduated cum laude with a GPA of 3.52. I hold a degree in
English from the School of Toronto. While attending Manchester University, I was a Treasurer
of Saudi student association in 2011-2012. I was mandated with controlling the budget of $8,000
provided by the Saudi government for holding events on and off campus for Saudi students. I
wrote checks, balanced budget, and reported to Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the US.
I am a hardworking, group situated person who is readied for the tests connected with the
two-year construction management program. My expert objectives are to get a position in
development administration and to use my learning and authority aptitudes to support and
elevate imaginative plans to development proficient management.
The sort of training offered by your program is perfect with my career engages. In the
wake of investigating your educational module and talking with inhabitants connected with your
development industry, I comprehend that your project's mission is to give draftsmen the
information and abilities important for adjusting operational administration, lead, guide, and deal
with the life cycle of capital ventures conveyance from idea and plan through operation

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commercial administration. These capabilities make a more able and successful development
pioneer. All around my preparation at Manchester College, I adjusted schoolwork and my
venture stock task. While going to Manchester School, I held administration positions in the
school's global expert associations. I am sure Philadelphia School will upgrade my preparation
and develop different proficiencies.
I solidly accept that I have the brains, abilities, and talents important to succeed in the
construction administration program. I esteem authority, cooperation, trustworthiness, and
morals. My solid yearning to help the headway of development keeps on driving me to succeed
and to achieve my objectives. I anticipate talking with you and your department regarding my
requisition. My educational module vitae and provision are encased for your audit. Assuming
that there are any inquiries kindly do not waver to contact me. Much thanks for your thought.
Yours sincerely,
Pilla Melindez.

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