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Criminal Disorders and Conditions : Violent offender






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Violent oender:
To answer this question we rst dene that who is violent oender. A
violent oender is one from which we can expect the intended or
unintended actual threat of physical harm. The person who has
individual conditions or disorders and the negative family and the
negative environment, refrain from becoming a violent oender
because he did not like the way his family is living and he did not like
the environment in which he is living.
The environment in which he is living, does negative eects on his life
by changing him into a bad person , which the society and everyone
did not accept and they take him as person who did not have
ambitions to live good and better life. People think of him that he was
born in a bad family, will make a bad family of his and also will die as a
bad person. So others will ignore him in every stages of life.
For example, if he asks for help from others and they refuse to him
because they have seen him doing wrong things. That’s why a person
refrains from becoming a violent oender. Now if we talk about the
person living in the environment that eect the person’s life
negatively, then the person will refrain from becoming a violent
oender because he knew that if he become a bad person, then one
day his family will also be taken as bad family and his generation will
get negative eects on their life and they will live as violent oenders
and they will also be unable to live a life of luxury and they will be seen
as good persons by others.
They will also be oered many things, for example, jobs or help, from
others and people will not refuse them because they know them as

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good persons not violent oenders. So these are the eects by which a
person will refrain from becoming a violent oender.
There are dierent ways by which one can use to refrain from
becoming a violent oender:
1) Forming an attachment:
Forming an attachment is a factor through which an individual
can be refrained from being violent. It helps the individual to cope up
from this crime. This attachment can be made by good friends, a
better family, relatives or some others to whom with the individual
2) Developing empathy:
Empathy for others in an individual can reduce the factor of
violence in him. Empathy through eective interaction programs can
reduce the violent factor in the person.
3) Building self-esteem:
Acknowledging the self values is a factor that helps the individual
to become strong to ght against the violence.
4) By learning calming techniques:
Calming technique is a major tool that enables the individual to
become mentally strong and create the ability to think about what is
good for him and what is bad for him.
So a person who refrains from becoming a violent oender should use
these techniques.

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