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Leadership and organziational behavior






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Leadership and Organizational Behavior; Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making:
The CEO and Organizational Culture Profile
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Organizational culture is very important because it is the building block upon
which successful organizations are built. It entails values, shared beliefs, norms and assumptions
that are embraced within an organization. In other words, it is the way an organization carries
itself even when nobody is watching it. There is more to organizations than what appears in the
surface. Apart from products, services and employees, there are other unseen ingredients that
work behind the scenes and determine the performance of an organization. According to an
article that appeared in the Business Insider, organizational culture can be defined as the
personality of an organization and it cannot be faked (Schawbel, 2013). In this paper, I will
investigate the corporate culture at Google which was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in
The organizational culture at Google is represented in several ways which include
public transparency, management structure and how they handle their employees among others.
According to the Business Insider, Google offers free food to its employees and uses a flat
management structure. This type of management reduces middle level hierarchy in the
company’s management therefore ensuring that there is a direct contact between the top
management and lower rank employees. This is evidenced by the fact that the founders still work
in the company including serving other employees in the cafeteria. Although this type of
organizational structure is considered very wide, it has brought Google many advantages. The
company also keeps its core values open to the public so that it can be judged based on them.
Since its inception, the company has adopted a policy of encouraging its employees to air their
views using a toll known as Google-O-Meter. When there is an issue to be discussed in the
company, all employees are given a chance to air their views and the Google-O-Meter tool is
used to gauge the popularity of views given. Additionally, the company has ‘culture clubs’,

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which consist of groups of employees which come together to talk about cultural issues within
the company and how they can be tackled. Goggle is a unique place to work because of the
design of their offices and its organizational culture.
As noted earlier, a flat organizational structure reduces bureaucracy and this can be
attributed to two main reasons (DuBrin, 2011). To start with, there are few managers who review
the decisions made by other employees. Additionally, a flat organizational structure has a short
chain of command which means that employees and managers can make independent decisions.
Google embraces a culture of progression and openness while making sure that employees are at
the hub of its progress. It is very important to show employees that they are important to a
company because it raises their performance and morale. At Google, employees are given a
chance to air their opinion in every decision affecting the company therefore boosting their
morale. This explains why Google has continued to grow over the years from a small company
to a major internet player.
According to the above description of Google’s organizational culture, it is clear that the
company’s main goal is to achieve growth through satisfying their employees. In an organization
where the founders still find time to ensure that things are running smoothly in the cafeteria, and
seek feedback from low rank employees, there is visible effort to show it values it employees.
When this is combined with a flat organizational structure which gives even the lowest
employees power to make decisions, it further qualifies Google’s organizational culture. There is
no doubt that the company has been made what it is today by the efforts of its employees
(Google company website).
From its inception, the founders wanted to start a company whose success would be
based on the employees. This explains why the company opted to adopt an organizational culture

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