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BUSINESS ECONOMICS III By. Prof.Dhananjay Pashte, M.A.B.Ed,GDC&A,MBA(HR) Indian Financial Markets Contents • Financial Markets • Shares and Stocks • Regulatory Environment in India • SEBI • RBI Financial Markets • A Market is a place where buyers and sellers come together to exchange something • Financial Markets are where financial Instruments/products are exchanged. • A Financial Market is known by type of product traded in it Different Financial Markets FINANCIAL MARKET Money Market Debt Market Forex Market Capital Market Money Market • Markets for short term • Borrowing • Lending • Primarily used by Banks • Typical Financial Instruments • Bankers Acceptance • Certificate of Deposit (CD) • Treasury Bills • Repo’s Debt Market • Debt • Contract • One Party lends to another Party • Predetermined • Interest Rates and Term • Participants • • • • Banks Financial Institutions Mutual Funds Insurance Companies etc. • Instruments • Government Securities (G-Secs) • Public Sector Units Bonds • Corporate Securities Foreign Exchange Market • Foreign Goods • Payments in Foreign Currency • Forex Market • Participants • Government • Payments for Imports • Repayment of Loans • Importers • Exchange Rates – One Currency in terms of other (Eg. 1 US Dollar = 45 Rupees) • Bid Rate • Offer Rate Capital Market • Long Term Funds • Raised by • Government • Corporates • Trading ...
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.