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Bus 475 Functional Area Relationship Riordan manufacturing






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Bus 475 Functional Area Relationship Riordan manufacturing
Functional area relationship: Riordan manufacturing
BUS\475- Integrated Business Topics
Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan is the largest industry capable of making polymer products.
They are proud on their strategic planning and intelligence due to which
they are able to make unique products. For the client’s satisfaction, the
mission of the company is that the work and processes should be
perfect and precise. The unique qualities of Riordan can be analyzed
through their way of working in new projects. To fulfill the client’s
requirements they work in intensive care environment to make their
product perfect. Due to remarkable reputation Riordan is spreading their
industry to make maximum products for clients. They have now started
to make medical supplies and plastic bottles. To make their reputation
regarding to superior quality they have build a plant in china to supply
their product globally. The motive of Riordan is that “No compromise in
Reasons for Riordan’s existence
Riordan is marketing their products worldwide. They have 550 employs
which are working precisely and with unique skills, which have revenue
of approximately 1 billion dollars. Riordan produces different products in
their worldwide plants. Albany plant produces plastic containers,
Hangzhou, china plant produces fans and other plastic products are
produced in their plants located in Michigan and Pontiac. Beside of
making these plastic products Riordan is also capable of making
automotive parts such as aircraft’s spare parts, different types of product
for Ministry of Defense.
The leaders of this industry are capable of making polymer products
which has a positive impact on clients and demand is increasing day by
day. Riordan’s management has a mission outline in which they have
given priority to the quality and practice with precision. The company is
exerting more efforts to be at number one position among their
competitors. In the mission outline the company is also focusing on long
term relationship with their customers, their satisfaction will give more

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boost to the company. It is understood that if company realizes that it
has long term relationship with their customers then it will put more
efforts on maintaining quality control and avail all resources for
reasonable pricing.
Good relationship with their employs is the key to success of any
organization. Riordan is satisfying their employs by providing them
maximum facilities. The company provides them timely information due
to which employees make right decisions. They have briefed all their
departments regarding their duties, as financial department know that
what decisions should be taken to improve business globally.
As company has shifted their financial department in china, company
does not need more improvement because financial department in china
is working perfectly. The mission outline also states that work should be
done on maintenance in such a way that profit margin should be on
priority. Riordan is putting efforts on providing solutions that there will be
no arguments by customers regarding their product’s quality.
Organizational Structure
The organization wants to be leaders in making plastic products. Taking
this in mind Riordan has set its structure according to its advantages and
setback. Due to company’s skilled employees the company is capable of
making unique designs of plastic. Its plastic designs have a well
reputation in international market. Its unique ideas and extreme
precisions are the facts due to which Riordan wants to stay with
competitive edge. Every department of Riordan plays a key role to
support its structure, without any of its departmental support foreign
implementation is impossible. For security and safety parameters
operations and IT department should work properly. It is duty of this
department to keep security on the top level and keep its security
equipments update, check that all electronics machinery is placed in
safe and cool environment; all information regarding safety should be
provided. As a new structure was introduced in china, there were many
departments which were not working according to the Riordan mission
outline. This made a negative impact on the Riordan’s manufacturing in
front of customers. Human resource department is responsible to check
the legal team work and much of the foreign implementation. As the
marketing of products is concern then the line manager is responsible for
the sales team to work.

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Collaboration Process
The functions of Riordan manufacturing is categorized into research and
development and operations. These two departments performed a key
role in success of Riordan industry. Research and development consist
of skilled managers and top engineers. Riordan’s operational function
requires extremely perfect and easily understandable communication
between its staffs. The motive of Riordan manufacturing is to boost its
collaboration efficiency. All the staff needs to obey their seniors.
According to mission of Riordan manufacturing the communication
between its staffs is like all functional vice presidents report directly to
chief operating officer while both of whom report directly to chief
executive officer. Due to this system right information is delivered to
everyone, which yields to make decisions on right time. This function is
important for Riordan to achieve their target. Every one work according
to his premises, like the vice president of marketing reports about the
company sales to chief operating officer. The chief financial officer
reports about the financial status of the company to chief operating
officer. Vice president of operations reports directly to the chief operating
officer regarding the operation efficiency. As the chief operating officer
collects all the information from all the departments then it directly report
to chief executive officer. Similarly the progress of engineers is reported
by vice president of research and development to the chief executive
officer. After all the information collected the chief executive officer is
responsible for making decision to update company strategic planning.
Use of Lateral and vertical collaboration
Riordan manufacturing’s CEO Dr Michael Riordan is the head of
command. Every vice president and chief officer has to collaborate with
the CEO. The hierarchy of management of Riordan manufacturing is
extensive. Dr Michael Riordan is responsible to command research and
development and operations. There are two senior vice presidents are
under the CEO’s command. First one is senior vice president of is
responsible to take care of research and development. All the briefing
regarding to latest research is given to the CEO. The second one is
Chief Operating Officer, his duties are extensive. All the operations
including marketing, finance, sales, transportation, product support, price
control, quality control, legal counsel, international operations, and
information is given to CEO. The hierarchy of research and development
department is less complicated as compared to operation function of

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