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Bus 475 Mission vision and value statements






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Bus 475 Mission vision and value statements
Mission, vision, and value statements provide guideline theories to
formulate an organization’s strategic plan. Organizations create their
corporate, business, and tactical strategies and objectives. The given
paper gives a detailed research on the mission and vision statements of
Force Protected Structures and how these statements are helpful in
making the business different and effective from its competitors. It will
further highlight core values through the mission and vision statements.
These values help in directing the strategies and hence enhance
profitability, maintain competitive edge and attract stakeholders.
The business plan involves developing a Force Protected Structures
company for forward deployed United States, and Coalition Forces
service members. This forward deployed based business will provide
safety and save lives of Soldiers on the front lines by providing fortified
Combat Outposts (COPs). The fortified structures will provide value
added as Soldiers returning to their COPs will be able to rest and relax
without worrying about incoming fires as they will be constructed to
withstand the enemies most lethal weapon systems through a carefully
thought out engineer and design plan.
Mission Statement
• Industry: Defense Operations
• Product: Force Protected Structures
Service: Provide force protected structures in the form of Combat
Outposts to forward deployed United States and Coalition Force
• Customers: United States and Coalition Force Soldiers
The mission statement of Force Protected Structures will be directed
towards the overall aim of the company, with respect to the product sold
and to partner with service members by providing the ultimate in
survivability structures. The target audience of Force Protected

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Structures will initially be the Department of Defense with later
expansion to the United Nations to provide humanitarian assistance
structures. One may ask how this will be accomplished. The answer is
the company will constantly update its mission statement and keep track
of progress, to be responsive towards customer demands, needs, and
be prepared to deal with competitor’s tactics. (SBN, 2008). The Mission
Statement of Force Protected Structures is as below (CARI, 2007). To
create a company that will facilitate safety in combat operations and
conscious people in supervising and managing their mission
successfully. The company will include interactive, cost-effective, and
dynamic train the trainers on simply maintenance of these structures.
The mission of the company will inspire employees to be the best force
protected structures by utilizing all available resources and opportunities
in the Defense Markets. A powerful vision will be a source of pride for all
employees by providing these force protected structures for service
members. The Vision Statement of Force Protected Structures is as
To provide service members with the absolute best in force protected
structures that is durable, reliable, quick to assemble, and customized.
Values and Guiding Principles
The core values of Force Protected Structures encompasses the need
by all to maintain a healthy and fit body in present and austere
environments where they will not be provided adequate time to fulfill this
need, a need for proper instructions and specialized training in a diverse
all inclusive work environments. To provide service members with the
best service through teamwork, professionalism, integrity, respect, and
trust to the Department of Defense for mission accomplishment and the
safety of their lives. Force Protected Structures will fulfill these needs by
creating interactive collaboration, sharing knowledge, skills, success,
failures, vision sharing, and common achievable objectives.
Organization’s Strategic Direction
Force Protected Structures will attain horizontal and vertical growth
expansions in the near future. Force Protected Structures will attain
maximum profits as there are no rivals. Force Protected Structures is

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thinking about creating partnerships with other leading defense
contractors such as Black water to develop transportation and security
coordination’s in functional and technical areas. The wish is to associate
the name of Force Protected Structures with swiftness, exactness and
Force Protected Structures aims to:
Collaborate with notorious websites such as Yahoo and Hotmail for the
advertisement and communication purposes for their novel idea.
Increase market share through the acquisition of smaller sized
companies specialized in welding and metal fabrication.
• Employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.
Execute promotions of the company on social networking sites such as
YouTube, Face book, and Flickr.
Satisfying Customer’s needs and Achieving Competitive Advantage
The market has zero Force Protected Structure companies. This depicts
that market holds a lot of potential business and growth opportunities.
Keeping this growth factor in mind the management of Force Protected
Structures has to consider the fact that competition and rivals will
increase in the future and to distinguish its services from the competitors
they will have to develop differentiation strategies.
Force Protected Structures will make this distinction by developing a
long term value for clients and the organization. To enhance brand
availability, number of online users and operations effectiveness the
company will have to conduct immense online and offline promotions
and advertising campaigns. Customers will get the extra benefits for
registering and purchasing upsize packages. Customers will have a 24/7
access without interruption to the online business portal. Force Protected
Structures provides its customers with tailored and personalized services
addressing to their individual needs force protected needs. The staff of
Force Protected Structures will be technically and tactically sound in
multi-tasking and management. The online processes and tools would
be high in technology and quality so that the staff can have uninterrupted
web interaction with its customers.

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