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Bus 475 Strategic Plan Part 1

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Bus 475 Strategic Plan Part 1
Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
A business that I would like to begin is offering online Personal Training
and nutrition plans to people.
* What is the mission statement of your organization? How does it
demonstrate your decision on what you want your business to become
in the future? Why is the mission statement important?
KRK Training is committed to developing personalized fitness program
that will motivate, support, and get each individual to their desired fitness
goals by using safe and effective training techniques, for guaranteed
My mission statement indicates that I want my business to touch and
change people’s lives because I care, which will keep customers training
for longer periods of time. The mission statement creates the foundation
and is a reminder of the company’s overall purpose: To change people’s
lives for the better.
* What is the vision of your organization, and why is it important?
“Fitness is a journey, not a destination…..”
The vision I have communicates the purpose and value of my company
and gives employees direction and inspiration to give their best.
* What is the strategic direction of your organization?
The strategic direction of my company will involve taking a realistic look
at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Understanding the
strategic drivers will put my objectives into action, and establishing long-
term decisions that involve people and resources and how they interact.

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The strategic direction for my company is based on basic goals and
values, all decisions will always advance these goals and values.
* Define your business - including the products or services, and
customers. How will you differentiating your product or service?
KRK Training provides clients with the knowledge, skills, guidance,
support, motivation and educational resources that will allow them to
explore their own fitness potential, as well as, enhance the quality of
their lives now and ongoing.
KRK Training will offer safe, appropriate programs, and modifications to
provide customers with the knowledge and skills to modify their
exercises when needed. Each program is fun, effective, and efficient
offering variety to meet the specific needs of each customer.
We offer a product that is different than the traditional Personal Trainer
service, we offer online services, aftercare tools, and each customer will
establish a relationship with their individual trainer that will change their
lives and keep them on task. Each customer will know they are not just
another client coming in for their daily workout, they will know that they
matter which is the key to their success.
* Define your guiding principles or values for your selected business
considering the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ethics.
Leadership-Model and promote the mission statement through positive
interaction with each client, and delivering training sessions that exceed
KRK Training standards.
Growth- Create, and find new ways to grow. Acknowledge, accept, and
make changes
Respect-Develop sincere, genuine relationships
Honesty and Integrity-Always do the right thing. Do what you say you will
do and accept responsibility for mistakes.
Fun-Have fun, be passionate, and enthusiastic
* How do the above elements (mission statement, vision, principles)
guide the organization’s strategic direction?

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The mission statement describes the reason for existence and provides
The vision lays out a destination and what direction the company will go
in the future.
The guiding principles focus on the mission of the company: leadership,
integrity, honor, respect, customer focus, and continued excellence.
* How will your organization addresses customer needs? How will you
achieve competitive advantage?
KRK Training’s customer focus is about value and satisfaction. The
company is about customer retention and being aware of developments
and changes in the market. Changes will be made as necessary in order
to keep clients on the cutting edge of fitness.
Our competitive advantage is guaranteeing the client will see results,
and we offer what traditional gyms and health clubs do not, relationship
building, trust, and satisfaction. The other advantage is that KRK
Training is web based; clients do not have to deal with pushy sales
managers or feeling uncomfortable going to the gym.

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