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BUS 475 Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis (2)






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BUS 475 Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis
BUS 475
Big Wheel Brewing is a new and innovative craft beer brewing
company. Big Wheel Brewing is dedicated to bringing their
customers craft brews of the highest quality. Big wheel beers are
made for people who prefer quality over quantity. Taste is the most
important thing when it comes to brewing fine craft ales. An internal
and external analysis will be conducted to determine the factors that
have an impact on the success of the company. A SWOTT analysis
will also be conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of
Big wheel brewing along with threats and trends in the brewing
industry. When analysis is complete it will help Big Wheel brewing
know what they need to do to stay successful in the brewing industry.
SWOTT Analysis
Conducting a SWOTT Analysis requires Big Wheel Brewing to
answer questions necessary to properly evaluate the strengths and
weaknesses along with the threats and trends. Assessment of factors
that will play a role in profits and losses is imperative to how effective
the SWOTT analysis will be. The internal factors such as marketing
and advertising will play a role as well as external factors such as
customer’s wants and needs. After figuring out what the company’s
strengths and weaknesses are Big wheel must identify the
opportunities that can be taken advantage of for future company
growth, Trends in the beer industry such as the consumers every
changing taste for different kinds of beer. Keeping up with the
different types of beer people are currently interested in. Threats will
come from other craft brewing companies. It is important for Big
wheel to identify these threats and stay ahead of the curve as far as
what the average craft beer drinker is interested in.

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Legal And Regulatory
The Legal and regulatory implications of running a brewing company
can be vast. There are many laws and regulations a brewing company
must follow. What classifies a beverage as an alcoholic beverage is an
ABV of .5 or greater. All territories carry different regulations when it
comes to the sale and distribution of alcohol. In the state of Florida a
$.48 sales tax must be paid per gallon of beer or malt beverage
produced. Every state has different zoning laws when dealing with
alcohol. Some states have restrictions on selling alcohol to close to
school or churches. All states have different laws on the times of the
day alcohol is permitted to be sold. There are very strict laws in effect
to discourage the sale of alcohol to minors. It is mandatory that all
sellers of alcoholic products ID customers prior to purchase. There are
also zoning laws in most states as to where the actual brewery is
allowed to build.
The age of technology has brought about many changes in today’s
society. With the advent of social networking sites companies are able
to get their product advertised and marketed in many more ways than
in the past. Sites like Facebook and Google+ have made it possible for
companies to market their products to millions of people for cheap
advertising on these sights. Craft beer is becoming very popular
among younger adults around the world. Over the last decade, craft
beers have gained in popularity in the brewing industry, and their
reputation hasn’t stopped rising. They are the hottest trend in beer
today. (, 2010). Microbreweries have a strong presence in the
social networking community. Craft brew is a much more social kind
of beer compared to beers like Budweiser. Craft beer is meant to be
enjoyed by sitting around with friends sipping on a beer not chugging
and every now and then a good cigar comes in handy with a good
craft brew.
Craft beer is not made for rednecks to drink a case at the bar and then
start fighting with everybody. It is a much more socially laid back
kind of beer.

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Technology in today’s breweries is outstanding. There are much more
high tech devices used than in the past. One of the leaders in brewing
technology is GEA brewing systems. GEA Brewery Systems,
Huppmann, is one of the leading companies worldwide supplying
complete brewhouses with state-of-the-art process control to the
brewing industry ( 2011). Milling is one of the most
important processes in making beer and over the last three decades
milling has begun to evolve from conventional wet milling to a
combination of wet and dry milling. The most technological advance
in brewing today is ultrasound pulses can be used to remove carbon
dioxide from beer faster than ever before. This allows for more
production and faster delivery time to distributors.
The strategy of most microbrewers is to produce the highest quality of
beer as possible. The never sacrifice taste motto is commonplace in
the microbrew industry. While big commercial brewers churn out
thousands upon thousands of cases to make their profits microbrewers
often limit the amount of beer they will brew to ensure quality.
Pricing is usually higher than that of commercial brewers but the
quality is unmatched by big brewing companies. Microbrewer
strategy is to place their products in areas where a large number of
young professionals will be exposed to them. Downtown business
districts are hot spots for microbrew. Microbrews are often found in
upper end deli’s where most places will allow you to mix and match a
six pack. Microbrewers depend heavily on repeat customers. Whereas
larger brewing companies are often the victim of what beer is the
cheapest because taste is not important in these kinds of beer.
Big Wheel Brewery attracts people from many different cultures. Big
wheel prides itself on the eclectic mix of people that drink our beer.
Big wheel is also a big contributor to the local community in and
around Orlando. Big Wheel sponsors many different charitable events
throughout the year. It is also import to Big wheel to keep

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