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Tips to avoid the disease by using waterless pots and pans






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Tips to avoid the disease by using waterless pots and pans
We can see in our around every family’s one or more member is surviving of cancer, obesity or
diabetes. In Gujarat many people are facing problem of diabetes. These all diseases are not
curable so it becomes necessary to prevent them. The cost of medical is also high of these
diseases. Many scientists are searching the medicines to cure the patients of these diseases. But
there is no solution of them. The medicines of these diseases can give relief for some time but it
could not finish or stop increasing these diseases. There are many ways to avoid these diseases
and one is waterless pots and pans.
To avoid such disease many people are doing diet, eat healthy food, and do exercise. They are
eating cooked healthy foods but it is also important to know that we are cooking in pots and pans
are they good for health? When we cook in the inferior pots and pans the metal oxides will enter
in the foods. Normally our cooking pots and pans are of aluminum as University of California at
Berkley found that it is in 90% of autopsies of the dead from Alzheimers disease. It is advisable
to use healthy waterless pots and pans.
To avoid dieses like cancer, obesity, diabetes etc healthy cooked food is necessary. To cook
healthy food one should purchase the best waterless cookware. There is question that which are
best cookware and it is made of which metal and also are they surely good for health and does
not melt with food while cooking. The answer is that the best cookware is made of stainless
steel; it is steel which are used for making surgical instruments. As we all are aware that the
surgical instruments do not harm our body and body can accept it.
The stainless steel cookwares are the best waterless cookware. There can be one more question
arise in our mind and it is that what about test of the foods. We Indian love healthy along with
testy food. The answer is that the test of cooked food in this cookware does not change and it is
as same as you cook in your other pots and pans. The cost of these pans are higher then the pots
and pans of other metals. The foods made by using waterless pots and pans are very good for
health as they will not allow foods to loose its vitamins or proteins.

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